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Web Design & Development

Your website is the foundation of your Internet Marketing strategies. Whether you are leveraging SEO, Pay per Click, social or other initiatives, your website is ultimately where much of that traffic will be driven.

Your potential clients, the ones you haven’t even met yet, are judging your company by what they see online. What impression are you leaving with your site?  If you’re still using old technologies, dated design and widths that are designed to fit old screens, prospects may wonder what else is outdated about your company.  They may just back-arrow and go to your competitors before you even have the chance to articulate your value proposition.

Our roots are in business, not in websites. Our approach is different. We’re not here to sell you a new website, we’re here to develop a marketing solution to help you achieve your goals.

Your site doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can be if that’s what you need, but a modern design leveraging current technologies and adequate space for content may be all you need.

Whatever the need, we can deliver.

Website Design and Development

Some of the great people we’ve worked with:


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We’re passionate about how we can contribute to maintaining our middle class by helping America’s bread and butter companies improve their pipelines. Medical device suppliers, metal fabricators, food ingredient companies, consumer goods and developers of advanced technologies are in our client list. Our clients are typically in the range of $5MM – $100MM in revenue but we’ve worked with Fortune 500 and startups too.

Magnetic North Digital Marketing Agency

Following an initial conversation where we get to know your business better, we’ll tailor a solution for your unique situation. We’re not a one trick pony that sells the same platform to all of our clients. We act as an extension of your marketing team and provide a custom, unique plan that is based on proven and effective principals.

Give us a call to discuss your website development needs and how Magnetic North can make an impact on your business!