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eCommerce Website Development

Need a site that sells 5 services online?  We can do that.

Need a site for 1.5 Million SKUs that is integrated with your ERP system and marketing automation platform?  Yep, we can do that too.

eCommerce can be simple and it can be complex.  It depends on your goals, your needs and your wants.  It depends highly on your business processes.  And it depends even more on the quality of the product data that you have before we even get started.

Our eCommerce platform of choice is Magento.  We’ve done big projects and small.  We’ve worked with multiple ERP systems and Marketing platforms.  We’ve worked with complex configurable products and simple.

Everything we do is responsive to the devices that people use every day today.  Every project we do is different.

Give us a call, let’s talk about what you want to do.

eCommerce Website Development

Some of the e-Commerce solutions that  we’ve built:

eCommerce Integration

OmniChannel / Integration

Chances are your eCommerce solution can’t operate on an island of it’s own.  At least it shouldn’t.  An eCommerce website is but one, integrated component of your business.

Customer Records, Inventory Levels, Order Management, Point of Sale Systems, Accounting, CRM, Marketing Automation, Shipping, etc.  Done well, all of these systems tie together to minimize manual entry, maximize efficiency and allow you, the business leader, to gain actionable insights to help you grow your business.

We look at the whole system and design a solution.  We have ERP expertise in house along with all of our marketing strategists. Give us a call and let us get started on a solution for your business.

eCommerce Search Engine Optimization

Need to draw more traffic to your eCommerce store? We have extensive experience performing Search Engine Optimization on eCommerce sites.

eCommerce SEO can be tricky. If your products are unique to you, we have a good place to start.  If your products are sold on many sites throughout the web, the task is a lot harder. Either way, eCommerce SEO can be a lot of work. It’s almost always possible to raise organic traffic and revenue to your online store through basic SEO. And if you’re running an online store – you need organic traffic. SEO is the best, long term strategy to make it happen.

Every project is different. Give us a call, let us take a look at what you’re doing and we’ll have a conversation about what we can do, or what we can’t do, to raise organic traffic and revenue to your eCommerce store through Search Engine Optimization.

eCommerce Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

Using PPC and Display ads CAN also be different when you’re running an online store.

Those pictures of products in the ads are called “Product Listing Ads” and require a connection between your site and a Google Merchant Account. We can help you with that.

Want to re-market the exact product that someone viewed on your site? Yes, that’s also possible.

Text ads that are unique to products searched? Yes, that can also be done.

We’ve done projects that are B2B and B2C. We’ve also done projects where only a BOM can be created, but online purchasing is not enabled. Stand-alone or integrated, we’ve seen it. Our clients are typically in the range of $5MM – $100MM in revenue but we’ve worked with Fortune 500 and startups too.

Following an initial conversation where we get to know your business better, we’ll tailor a solution for your unique situation. We’re not a one trick pony that sells the same platform to all of our clients. We act as an extension of your marketing team and provide a custom, unique plan that is based on proven and effective principals.

Give us a call to discuss your eCommerce project and how Magnetic North can make it happen!